Healing Sound Journey

October 25th, 7-8:15pm

Come and unwind to the soothing sounds of the Symphonic Gong.

We will begin with some gentle exercises to open your heart chakra to receive. Then lie back and allow the vibration of the gong to ease the tension in your body and your mind. This deep relaxation can be healing and deeply insightful. We will finish with a meditations to leave you feeling relaxed and grounded.

To reserve your space please e-transfers $30 to jenpinterrmt@hotmail.com or arrange to drop off in advance. Spaces are are non-refundable, however they are transferable. Please feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket.

Treat yourself to an evening of nourishing self-care.


September Schedule


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Monday Kundalini

Monday classes will follow the traditional Kundalini format. We will start with a warm up, the next a kriya for a specific purpose, a gong relaxation then a meditation. It is suitable for all experience and ability levels.

Friday Yoga

Friday yoga is a great way to unwind for the weekend. We will use some gentle exercises from Gong Yoga, some relaxing stretches from Yin Yoga and then finish with an extended Gong Bath. 90 minutes of bliss!

Classes are 90 minutes and $13

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Full Moon Sound Journey

Thursday August 15th, 7-8:15pm, 57 Parkview Dr.

The evening begins with gentle movement to create an openness in your body and your heart chakra. Then you lie back and allow the vibrations of the gong and other healing instruments to bring your cells into alignment. It is a gentle, magical experience that can bring profound insight and healing, if you need it.

To register please send me a pm, text (519-200-8733) or email to jenpinterrmt@hotmail.com for more details. Cost is $25 and space is limited. Feel free to bring a mat, blanket and water bottle. There will be tea and flavoured water provided.


Summer Yoga Schedule

Solstice Sound Journey

December 20th, 7-8:30pm

Join us as we prepare for Winter Solstice, natures way of marking a change in the seasons. It is a time to celebrate our natural hibernation away from the busy world. Take time to rest, reflect, heal and nourish yourself.

The evening will begin with gentle yoga to engage our bodies and our minds. The Sound Journey will feature vibrational instruments that allow your body to completely relax, letting go of physical and emotional tension. The journey reminds your body and mind that its natural resting place is one of ease and peace. We will finish the evening with a simple but powerful meditation.

It is important to align ourselves with nature. Taking this time to descend into our bodies, our caves and the earth is an important way to honour the cycles of nature that we work within and hold inside ourselves.

To reserve your space please e-transfer $20 to jenpinterrmt@hotmail.com or arrange to drop off payment to 57 Parkview Drive. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blankets and water, so that you can be warm and cozy during the Sound Journey.